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Loetec Elektronische Fertigungssysteme GmbH
Optoelectronic systems
   Cup retraction machine
   Rail vehicle technology
   Custom controls
   Optoelectronic systems
Pattern recognition systems

Our pattern recognition systems can be used for the quality assurance or for many other applications. They are used, for example, in industrial production lines just like in our Reverse Vending Systems..
Recognition systems The positioning and identification of work pieces are the major fields of usage, as well as the recognition of optical attributes of objects.

However, the recognition as stand-alone makes no whole system. Therefore, we combine it with microprocessor controls, and other components, such as lighting, cameras or surveillance monitors.

Info terminal "Guckkasten"

The "Guckkasten" is an information pole which was developed especially for the use in tourism. Placed, for example, in front of a historical building, the pole can give tourists an overview on the history of that place in a playful and audio-visually way.

But also for use on trade fairs or everywhere where information should be available round the clock the "Guckkasten" is of use.

Guckkasten Guckkasten
  • Stainless steel case; optionally all RAL colors possible
  • Advertising screen (optionally with lighting); Dimensions: 950 x 110 mm
  • Medium: CD und DVD
  • 7 inches TFT display, framed by four mirrors, therefore kaleidoscope effect
  • Monitor unit height adjustable
  • Freely programmable acceptance of euro and euro cent coins
  • Mikroprozessor-Steuerung
  • Cooling / heating, therefore for a all-year outside use
  • Dimensions: 1500 x 470 x 240 mm
  • 230V AC, 50 W (without lighting)
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