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Pfandomat TRA / TAA   -   Cup retraction and cup issuing machine
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Pfandomat TRA - Cup retraction machine

The cup retraction machine can take back cups and glasses. With taking back an object a payment in the form of cash or optionally by voucher issue or recharging of money cards is issued.

The accepted cups are filed on a transport carriage in the machine. In an easy working step the full carriage can be exchanged with an empty one.

The standard machine is blue. On requested any other RAL tones can be chosen. Even individual motives print can be realized. Attaching of (illuminated) advertising boards is also possible.

The machine is optimally suited for the use in canteens.

The cup retraction machine is designed to be easy to service. Therefore servicing procedure can be carried out by a service technician very fast.

Technical data:
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
    1023 x 2125 x 838 mm

  • Weight:
    150 kg

  • Capacity:
    180 cups, collection in a cup carriage with 9 trays, 20 cups each

  • Power supply:
    230V AC, 16 A

  • Colour:
    blue (standard)
    all the other RAL colors possible

Download data sheet
(at this time only in german language)
Cup retraction machine
Cup retraction machine and cup carriage
Pfandomat TAA - Cup issuing machine

Of course, we also offer a matching cup issuing machine. In combination with the cup retraction machine and, e.g., a coffee vending machine a whole self service system can be established, which is available 24/7.

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