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Reverse Vending Systems for refund one-way packaging
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Reverse Vending Systems playing an increasingly important role in the market. There are several causes for that: Saving personnel costs and space costs, an easy handling, customer retention and customer satisfaction are only some of the aspects that play an important role for a reverse vending system, like the Pfandomat.
Pfandomat M eco

The Pfandomat M eco is a reverse vending machine that is designed for taking back PET bottles and cans from 0.2 to 1.0 litre. With taking back of an object a payment in the form of cash or optionally by voucher issue or recharging of money cards is issued.

Object recognition is performable by scales and an omni directional bar code scanner.

The machine is easy to use. Once an object the automatic flap opens and shuts after the input. Objects that are too heavy are returned immediately, and non-recognized objects are returned after the scan process. If the recognition is successful, the customer receives his refund.

All information and a status announcement are shown on a LC display and on an additional information panel. Additionally the machine has two illuminated advertising boards.

The reverse vending is designed to be easy to service. Therefore servicing procedure can be carried out by a service technician very fast. The unit is serviced with a special programming device.

The accepted objects are collected in a bag with a capacity of 430 litres.

Technical data:
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
    600 x 1830 x 650 mm

  • Input at a height of:
    1450 mm

  • Weight:
    120 kg

  • Capacity:
    430 Liter

  • Performance parameters:
    3 seconds per acceptance;
    approx. 30.000 barcodes

  • Power Supply:
    230V AC, 10 A with additional outlet inside, fused

Download data aheet "Pfandomat M eco"
(at this time only in german language)

Pfandomat M eco


Programming device

Pfandomat G and Pfandomat P

The Pfandomat G profits from his bigger input opening and designed for the taking back of PET bottles and tins cans from 0.2 to 2.0 litres.

It is as easy to use as the Pfandomat M.

Compared to the Pfandomat G the Pfandomat P is upgraded with a press to the compactors and compress of the accepted objects.

Pressed objects need less space. Therefore, a higher number of objects can be collected.

Differing technical data
(compared with the Pfandomat M eco)
  • Weight:
    140 kg

  • Power Supply:
    230V AC, 16 A with additional outlet inside, fused

Download data sheet "Pfandomat G"
(at this time only in german language)

Pfandomat G
In Preparation: Cup Revending Machine

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Becherausgabeautomat V51560


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